Dr Vignesh Kumaravel

Senior Research Fellow

EU Renewable Engine project

Principal Investigator at PEM 

Development of Nano-materials for clean energy, CO2 conversion,

hydrophobic and antimicrobial applications

Vignesh Kumaravel.jpg

Vignesh Kumaravel obtained his PhD in Chemistry from Madurai Kamaraj University, India in 2013. Then, he worked as an International Research Professor at Yeungnam University, Republic of Korea.


After the successful accomplishment, he designated as a post-doctoral fellow in an industrial project at Universiti Sains Malaysia. Later, he joined as an Assistant Research Scientist in Texas A & M University at Qatar in October 2016.


He has nearly five years of teaching experience at the bachelor and master’s level. Ten postgraduate students completed their research works under his supervision.

Currently, Vignesh is working at IT Sligo as a Senior Research Fellow in the EU funded Renewable Engine project since March 2018. His primary research goals are directed towards the development of nanoparticles for carbon dioxide conversion, water treatment, hydrogen production, antimicrobial food packaging polymers, high-temperature stable electrochemical devices and super-hydrophobic surfaces.

One of his research papers regarding the photoelectrochemical carbon dioxide conversion into fuels and value-added products received more than 6200 downloads with 9 citations in six months (up to end July '20). It is one of the most downloaded articles in ACS energy letters in recent months.  https://pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/acsenergylett.9b02585























Vignesh has published more than 40 scientific research articles in international peer-reviewed journals (https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=qt_irx8AAAAJ&hl=en) with good impact factors during the 10 years of research.

Vinesh is currently acting as a guest editor in the Catalysts MDPI journals, special issue on "Electrocatalysis and Electrode Materials for Energy Production", where he talks about the impact of global warming which has been realized in various aspects, such as life-threatening diseases, forest fires, weather pattern fluctuations, and water scarcity. Non-fossil-fuel energy sectors are highly demanded for the health and wealth of future generations. Electrocatalysis is one of the most attractive technologies to develop a sustainable infrastructure with clean energy.


He has presented his research findings in several international conferences and he has also given guest lectures to PhD researchers in various countries such as Korea, Spain, India and France to name a few.

Vignesh has completed three major research projects as a co-investigator, sponsored by the Malaysian funding agencies.

  • Nanocatalyst Inspired antimicrobial polypropylene nanocomposite for biomedical application 

  • Investigation on the durability, growth mechanism and bonding interactions of superhydrophobic surfaces made from waste materials 

  • Development of g-C3N4 Supported ZnO Nanotriangles for Super Hydrophobic Self Cleaning Applications

He is currently working on a Capacity Building Grant project with  Institute of Technology Sligo.

  • Development of electrode materials for energy storage and water treatment applications


He is acting as an external examiner for the PhD thesis evaluation in various Indian Universities.


Vignesh is one of the members in the research and innovation committee of IT Sligo. He is also acting as a reviewer in evaluating the research proposals from the government of Chile (Chilean National Science and Technology Commission), and Poland (National Science Centre).


As an expert in the field of materials science, he has been peer-reviewed more than 50 research papers in various Elsevier, ACS, Wiley and Springer Journals.

Photoelectrochemical Conversion of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into Fuels and Value-Added Products

Vignesh Kumaravel, John Bartlett, and Suresh C. Pillai    ACS Energy Letters 2020 5 (2), 486-519                                DOI: 10.1021/acsenergylett.9b02585