Sligo Engineering & Technology Expo 2020

The PEM Centre is proud to introduce you to over 60 final year Engineering and Design students and their projects in this virtual catalogue.

The Sligo Engineering & Technology Expo is an interactive, information sharing event which is an exciting collaboration between IT Sligo, the School of Engineering & Design, which contains the Department of Civil Engineering and Construction, the Department of Computing and Creative Practices and the Department of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering and Industry. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the physical delivery did not take place in 2020,  but we invite you to browse the virtual catalogue:

Typically, at the Engineering & Technology Expo you see an extensive range of activities on show which include student projects, industry exhibits, and guest speakers – all aimed to inspire future engineers, showcase our graduates, promote engineering and technology in the Northwest, and to open up engineering conversations and connections. The Expo is normally a chance for potential engineering students to gain knowledge of companies, interact with alumni, and network with professional engineers. Participants at the Expo include Fortune 500 industry leaders, indigenous industry, and companies of all sizes from across Ireland.

In this catalogue, over sixty of our final year students showcase their projects that are the culmination of their education in IT Sligo. We are proud that we educate students that satisfy the needs of industry across a broad range of programmes including; civil engineering, mechanical engineering, precision engineering & design, mechatronics, electronic & computer engineering, and a broad variety computing programmes. Many of our graduates have gone on to leadership positions in some of the top companies in Ireland and around the globe.

Sligo Engineering & Technology Expo 2019

Take a look at the video below:

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