The PEM Technology Gateway is co-funded by the Government of Ireland and the European Union through the 
ERDF Northern & Western Regional Programme 2021-2027

Tensile Testing

Tensile Testing

High capacity 600kN
universal tensile tester

The Labor Tech 6.600.1.00 is an electromechanically driven system which can execute tests up to a maximum force of 600kN. The machine, which was funded by Enterprise Ireland’s capital equipment call, can perform tensile and compression testing, as well as shear, flexure, peel, tear, cyclic and bend tests. Included with the system is an x-sight non-contacting video extensometer which is used to minimise errors and invalid results while maximising the amount of information obtained from testing.

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The addition of this equipment to the PEM Technology Gateway provides a unique service offering to enable Ireland’s heavy industry in specialist areas, such as: 

  • Construction equipment
  • Heavy equipment
  • Automotive & Aerospace
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Marine Industry

We are also commissioning an Instron 8874 Bi-axial Servohydraulic Testing System which will be used to execute both static and dynamic tests with a force capacity up to +/- 25kN axial and a torsion capacity +/- 100Nm using its dynamic actuator in the upper crosshead. This instrument is ideal for fatigue testing.

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