The PEM Technology Gateway is co-funded by the Government of Ireland and the European Union through the 
ERDF Northern & Western Regional Programme 2021-2027

ERDF Funding


The PEM Technology Gateway is a member of the Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateways network.  This network has 17 specialised Gateways delivering innovation expertise and solutions for Irish industry and businesses.

The PEM Technology Gateway works in conjunction with industry to aid the research and development of innovative products and services through a dedicated team of full-time researchers and engineers.

By applying emerging technologies, expertise and specialist knowledge across precision engineering, product development, manufacturing, materials, and product use to end-of-life the Gateway helps businesses succeed in the introduction of new and improved processes, products and services.

Aims and objectives

The PEM Technology Gateway acts as a bridge, or gateway, between relevant research groups in ATU and businesses and targets industry sectors relevant to the core capabilities of the research groups.

The aim of the PEM Technology Gateway is to manage the interaction between the businesses and the host institute,.  The objective of this interaction is to help businesses articulate their technical issues that need to be resolved, source state or EU funding where appropriate, and ensure subsequent projects are delivered successfully.

This relationship management encourages and assists ATU to engage with businesses on a regional and national basis.  This will drive an increased level of innovation amongst businesses, resulting in higher levels of new product development, new services development, and job creation and retention.

The Technology Gateway network, comprised of all Technology Gateways across Ireland, is tasked to ensure an open-door policy for all potential users. In essence, a company in one region can work with a research group in another by utilising their local Technology Gateway as the access point.

Network and programme impact

In summary, the PEM Technology Gateway and the overall programme will:

  • Provide open access points for businesses.
  • Delivery of close-to-market solutions for Irish industry.
  • Be regionally based but with nationwide reach.
  • Act as regional portals to the nationwide expertise in the Irish Research Infrastructure.