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MMG Welding

Aluminium Compact Gangways

MMG Welding Ltd is an innovative welding engineering company based in Killybegs, Co Donegal that offer Coded Welding and Marine Fabrication Services to the Fishing, Off Shore Renewables, and Oil and Gas industries.

In 2018, they designed and manufactured a new innovative folding aluminium Compact Gangway, which features a unique folding mechanism providing safety and storage solutions for heavy industrial vessels. In 2019, MMG Welding Ltd released a new Vessel to Vessel (VTV) Gangway which compliments the Pier to Vessel (P.T.V) Gangway to make it a complete safety system for all types of vessels

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Innovative Vessel to Vessel (VTC) Gangway

For this is suitable for the leisure market, MMG Welding Ltd required Engineering Design expertise in order to carry out further analysis and development of their new VTV product.

MMG Welding Ltd want this product to be refined and manufactured from lighter weight materials than the Compact Gangway used in heavy industrial type vessels. MMG Welding Ltd want to optimise the design of their new product and ultimately reduce the weight of it by manufacturing it from materials such as polymers or composites so one individual can deploy it easily.


After initial discussions between MMG Welding Limited and the PEM Technology Gateway, the scope of project was agreed and the project officially kicked off. The PEM research staff began with the appraisal of the current VTV Gangway Design and conducted supplementary desktop research in parallel. 

Particular components were then analysed using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to determine possible alternative materials and possible optimisation solutions. These design considerations were well received by MMG Welding Ltd and will assist in the further development of the Vessel to Vessel (VTV) Gangway.


"Having the opportunity to work with the PEM research team has enabled MMG Welding to bring our product development to another stage. We required their design capabilities to research a polytype material required to manufacture a boat to boat gangway for the leisure market. After an initial site visit, a clear and concise plan was agreed, put in place and delivered seamlessly. Research with PEM is ongoing to bring the product to the manufacturing stage."
Martin McGuinness,
Managing Director MMG Welding Ltd.

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