PEM Technology Gateway can help Pivot or Re-purpose Businesses post Covid-19

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The PEM Centre is here to help you get back on track as we re-emerge from the Covid-19 emergency. Some businesses have scaled down or closed and some may have realised a new business opportunity. In any of these cases, we can help as you look to the future.

Pivoting or repurposing may be a way to continue your business which may require looking at new or modified processes, supply chains and testing needs for your products. PEM can help in several ways to manage your pivot or repurposing.

  • First at a strategic level, helping you to determine whether to pivot or repurpose and in developing a plan.

  • Secondly implementing that plan at a technical/operational level - looking at your product design and manufacturing processes and optimising them for the new venture.

  • Thirdly working with you on your testing needs - product testing, failure analysis etc

PEM offer online consultations and workshops. Initially, a free 1-hour consultation to determine the best path for your pivot or repurposing. We can offer bespoke facilitated workshops to help with your planning process - these can be online or face to face, depending on current safety protocols.


PEM can help with your technical, engineering and manufacturing questions, developing projects to solve identified problems. We offer a wide range of services specialising in the areas of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing.

  • Developing an initial design concept by taking your big idea out of your head and bringing it to life using visuals such as CAD Models and Working Drawing or even a physical 3D print of the actual product.

  • Advising and supporting you with DFM (Design for Manufacturing) considerations to help you get to the manufacturing phase of your product development which will save your company time and money.

  • Executing the physical machining/fabrication of your product resulting in either a prototype or the actual finished article.

  • Improving or optimising existing products utilising our onsite testing and simulation capabilities.

We are also here to help you navigate the various funding agencies and models that may be available to help you to fund the work we undertake for you.

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