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Golf Tee Design Optimisation


ACE Golf Tee Ltd is a Dublin based company who, with the help of the PEM Technology Gateway in IT Sligo and APT Technology Gateway in AIT Athlone, have developed, optimised and 3D printed an innovative golf tee design which is different to any other on the market today.

They will further develop this design and execute validation testing in a bid to finalise for manufacturing on a large scale via Injection Moulding with another Innovation Voucher.

The main aspects where ACE Golf Tee Ltd needed advice and support from PEM were;

  •  Design engineering consultancy to develop and improve product design using CAD software to meet analysis, construction, testing and evaluation objectives

  • Lead and project manage the Quality Management System dialogue with external suppliers to ensure that the 3D golf tee prototype was produced within tolerance for validation/functionality testing

  • Consult on virgin and recyclable plastics appropriate for injection moulding for manufacturing validity and performance and secondly however also importantly meet environmental compliance standards 


PEM's Design Engineer, Mark McLoughlin worked with Ace Golf Tee to;

  • Finalise the drawings and prototypes with Design for Manufacturing (DFM) considerations.

  • Consultancy on final assembly and manufacturing, process design and direction to selected manufacturer (http://tag.ie/)

Ace Golf Tee are delighted with the finished products and hope to have them commercialised by the end of 2021.

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Company Testimonial;

Our experience in working with Mark McLoughlin and his team in Sligo I.T. has been extremely positive in moving towards commercialisation.  Mark has provided high-qualitative consultancy, drawings and prototypes in both the engineering design process

of our PureStrike golf tee range and also consultancy during the total quality management processes. His commitment to an excellent version of our final product which is becoming commercial during Qtr 4 2021 is much appreciated.


Elizabeth Lawlor

DirectorACE Golf Tee Limited (PureStrike golf tee brand)

Website: https://purestrikegolftees.com/


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elizabeth-lawlor-214b151b7

Facebook: @PureStrikeGolfTees