Dr Vignesh Kumaravel 

Senior Research Fellow

Principal Investigator 

Development of Nano-materials for clean energy, CO2 conversion,

hydrophobic and

antimicrobial applications

Dr Ioannis Manolakis 

Assistant Lecturer in Chemistry

Principal Investigator 

Chemistry  Polymers  Materials   Composites

Usaid Azhar

PhD research student

Research Topic:

Bio-inspired supramolecular polymers

for multifunctional coatings

Jamie Grant

PhD research student

Nanotechnology and Bioengineering

Research Division (Nano-Bio)

Mohammadreza Kadivar

PhD research student

How Additive Manufacturing can be harnessed to make the next generation of high-performance thermal cooling systems.

Kris O’Dowd

PhD research student

Nanotechnology & Bio-Engineering

Research Group

Dr Saritha Unnikrishnan

Principal Investigator / Researcher 

“Computer Vision and Machine Learning with a focus on pharmaceutical manufacturing applications.”

PEM attained capital funding from

Enterprise Ireland to purchase a

Materials Testing Equipment Suite

PEM Technology Gateway can help

Pivot or Re-purpose

Businesses post Covid-19

Ms. Foram Dave

PhD research student 

Laser Transmission Welding of

Semi-crystalline Polymers and its Composites

Prof Suresh Pillai 

Boyle Higgins Gold Medal Award 2019

Engineering & Technology expo2020.PNG

Sligo Engineering

& Technology Expo 2020

High capacity universal

tensile testing machine 

tensile test specimens.PNG

Nanotechnology and Bioengineering (Nano-Bio) Research Group

Marine antifouling coatings: environmental challenges and innovation opportunities

On-line monitoring of polymer compounding