Dr Ioannis Manolakis 

Assistant Lecturer in Chemistry

Department of Life Sciences - IT Sligo

Principal Investigator at PEM

Chemistry  Polymers  Materials   Composites

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Ioannis is a Chemical Engineer (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece) with an MSc in Advanced Materials Technology and Processing (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece) and a PhD in Polymer Chemistry (University of Reading, UK).

Ioannis has worked in various R&D roles since 2004, in both industrial and academic settings in Greece, the UK and the Netherlands. Before joining IT Sligo in November 2018, Ioannis worked as Senior Research Fellow in Composite Materials at the University of Limerick and was the Centre Manager of the Irish Composites Centre (www.icomp.ie).


Ioannis’ research interests are in the Materials Design & Interfaces domain, and his experience spans from magnetic materials to polymer chemistry, composite materials, supramolecular chemistry, bio-inspired polymers, antifouling coatings, adhesives and medical devices.

A full list of publications can be found here (h-index = 8):



Ioannis has attracted more than €1million to date in research funding as PI/co-PI from domestic and international sources (IT Sligo, Enterprise Ireland, Interreg Co-Innovate, H2020). He has supervised the research theses of three MSc students and has hosted two Erasmus+ interns. He currently supervises Usaid Azhar in his postgraduate studies in bio-inspired supramolecular polymers for multifunctional coatings, funded by the IT Sligo President’s Bursary.

Interaction with industry has been a recurring theme in Ioannis’ career, with his PhD and two subsequent postdoctoral projects being collaborative academia/industry ventures. The outputs of these projects included two patents (Reversible derivatisation of poly(aryl ether ketones) WO2008147722; Hydroxyphenyl functionalized poly(ester amide) EP2784101) and several peer-reviewed journals and conference publications.


Ioannis has been the academic PI in four Enterprise Ireland Innovation Vouchers and one Innovation Partnership, with all these projects in the area of materials science & engineering (e.g. composite manufacturing & testing, coatings).


Lastly, Ioannis is currently the academic lead in projects with two companies in the cross-border Interreg Co-Innovate Strand 4 programme (https://co-innovateprogramme.eu/).

For more information contact email: manolakis.ioannis@itsligo.ie