Dr Mary Garvey 

Principal Investigator 

Department of Life Science, School of Science

Dr Mary Garvey2.jpg

Dr Garvey is currently a Lecturer at the School of Science, Institute of Technology, Sligo.


Dr Garvey has extensive research and teaching experience in areas of environmental toxicology, environmental microbiology, parasitology, disinfection techniques, nanotoxicology, biocompatibility testing, mathematics and statistics.


She is highly proficient in scientific writing, grant applications, project management, scientific communications, technology transfer, team leadership, GLP, GMP and postgraduate mentorship. Dr Garvey is supervising numerous MSc and PhDs projects including 1 Walsh Fellowship with Teagasc.


Dr Garvey is proficient in research areas and techniques including in vitro and in vivo toxicity testing, cell culture, microbiology, parasitology, medical device biocompatibility testing, assay design, drug development, nanoparticle toxicity, histopathology, environmental toxicology testing, veterinary diagnostics, zoonotic disease prevention and control, animal testing, sterilisation, and disinfection both chemical and novel technologies. She also has a  keen interest in zoonotic disease and the growing pandemic of antibiotic resistance.


Please visit google scholar for publication list and areas of interest.