Funding Streams within the PEM Technology Gateway

What funding options are available within the PEM Technology Gateway ?

There are a variety of different types of funding to suit all types & sizes of project.


Innovation Vouchers

Enterprise Ireland Innovation Vouchers are open to all small & medium-sized limited companies currently registered in Ireland. They provide funding to the value of €5000, to help with the research & innovation of a business opportunity or problem. Innovation vouchers are redeemable from all members of the technology gateway network. 

Innovation Partnerships

Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnerships are ideal for larger, long term projects which aid in the development or improvement of products, services or processes.  Grants of up to 80% towards eligible costs are available from Enterprise Ireland.  Innovation Partnerships are open to applications all year round. To ensure eligibility for this scheme get in touch for further information & advice.

Direct funding 

Companies can pay a Technology Gateway directly from their Research & Development budget. Please contact us for more details.

Case Studies

Read how companies have worked with the PEM Technology Gateway through our Testimonials & Case Studies.

 Direct Funding Process

Diagram showing the direct funding process

Innovation Voucher and Innovation Partnership process

Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher & Innovation Partnership process