Manufacturing Operations

Precision Engineering & Design

We use data-driven analytics approach to process control, modelling and optimisation by providing the tools, techniques and expertise required to make the necessary business and engineering decisions in order to optimise manufacturing processes.


PEM's expertise in this area includes:

Process development & optimisation, Machine characterisation, process monitoring, faliure analysis and reliability analysis using the following:

Manufacturing process simulation Modelling:  Creating and analysing computerised, mathematical or statistical models of a physical system can be used to predict its performance in the real world.  PEM has access to software to support the Simulation Modelling offering.

Statistical Data Analytics: Coherent, accurate, efficient and effective statistical data analysis can be used to significantly improve and control process operations and performance.  PEM has access to a range of in-house expertise & software to support statistical data analytics.


Reliability Analysis and Prediction: Reliability systems analysis can be used to construct a lifetime distribution model to determine the times-to-failure of an entire system based on the life distributions of the individual components and sub-assemblies.  PEM has access to software to support the Reliability Analysis and Prediction offering.

Statistical Process Control:  Statistical Process Controls are used to gather statistics on the behaviour and performance of an industrial process and, using decision algorithms, can assess whether it is necessary to implement changes.  PEM can develop & facilitate clients in the use of multivariate Statistical Process Control processes, including profile monitoring & variable selection techniques.  PEM has access to software to support the Statistical Process Control offering.

Experimental Design and Process Optimisation: Experimental design can be used to make systematic changes to a process, analyse the results of the changes and use this to identify the appropriate process settings to achieve the optimum result.  PEM has access to  software to support the Experimental Design & Process Optimisation offering.

Industrial Metrology: Our PEM staff are trained in metrology methods, such as the use of optimal Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) strategies which are critical to the quality control & verification process of components that are precision machined; & in the use of our in-house CMM machines

Vision Systems: The adoption of fault detection and diagnostic technology can significantly reduce process down-time and off-specification product. PEM utilises a range of software tools to deliver this technology

Inline Process Monitoring:  PEM collaborates with the Applied Polymer Technologies Gateway (APT) on polymer processes and the Pharmaceutical and Molecular Biotechnology Research Centre (PMBrc) on pharmaceutical processes, while utilising our in-house process monitoring equipment and software

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