Dr Marion McAfee

Principal Investigator

Area of Expertise: Sensing, Modelling, Optimisation and control Systems particularly in Manufacturing


Dr Douglas Marques

PEM Researcher 

Area of Expertise: Polymers Processing, Biomaterials Science, Medical Devices              & Tissue Engineering


Mohamed Awad

PhD Research Student 

Research topic:

“Minimising the makespan in batch production facilities through scheduling optimisation models”

Dr Muhammad Mahmood Ali 

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Photonics Electronics Laser Welding
Polymers and their Composites


Dr Waqas Saleem

Assistant Lecturer - Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

Principal Investigator 

Solid mechanics, precision machining and simulation, mechanical design optimisations

Dr Vignesh Kumaravel 

Senior Research Fellow

Principal Investigator 

Development of Nano-materials for clean energy, CO2 conversion,

hydrophobic and

antimicrobial applications

Ms. Priyanka Ganguly

PhD Scholar

Nanotechnology and Bioengineering

Research Group

Ternary chalcogenides and its composites with titanium dioxide for photocatalytic applications.

Dr Ioannis Manolakis 

Assistant Lecturer in Chemistry

Principal Investigator 

Chemistry  Polymers  Materials   Composites

Usaid Azhar

PhD research student

Research Topic:

Bio-inspired supramolecular polymers

for multifunctional coatings

Jamie Grant

PhD research student

Nanotechnology and Bioengineering

Research Division (Nano-Bio)

Kris O’Dowd

PhD research student

Nanotechnology & Bio-Engineering

Research Group

Dr Saritha Unnikrishnan

Principal Investigator / Researcher 

“Computer Vision and Machine Learning with a

focus on pharmaceutical

manufacturing applications.”

Mohammadreza Kadivar

PhD research student

How Additive Manufacturing can be harnessed

to make the next generation of 

high-performance thermal cooling systems.

Ms. Foram Dave

PhD research student 

Laser Transmission Welding of

Semi-crystalline Polymers and its Composites

Prof Suresh Pillai 

Boyle Higgins Gold Medal Award 2019