Feasibility study on a new spray coating process

Myretex Ltd. is a mechanical engineering service provider which has operated in

Cork since 1992.

Myretex are dedicated to providing their client base with a service that incorporates the highest standards of workmanship, reliability, quality and safety.

They have a broad range of services which have been developed over the past 27 years to meets the needs of an ever-changing market. Their expertise includes but is not limited to;


  • Pipework Vessel & Skid Fabrication

  • Profile Cutting

  • Welding and Fabrication

  • Plant and Machine services 

  • Mechanical Design & Consultation services 

Myretex is an indigenous microSME in the metal engineering sector, with particular activity and interests in surface coatings for thermal management (e.g. in motorsport exhaust pipes and systems).

Problem to Be Solved: 

An investigation of the feasibility of an in-house spray coating process for dry lubricant coatings

How PEM Gateway Delivered Solution for Industry:

The Principal Investigator researched the material characterisation (Scanning Electron Microscopy, SEM) of coated samples produced by the company and their in-house process, to evaluate the properties of the existing coatings.


Figure 1. SEM image (x 2,000 magnification) of a coated specimen, revealing the coating morphology.

Impact for the Company:

R&D project that created data and knowledge for a possible expansion of the company’s activities in this new area of dry lubricants and relevant new markets

Company Testimonial:

“The input of the PEM Gateway in Sligo IT was very valuable to Myretex Ltd. in evaluating the properties of our coatings. The characterisation work was carried out efficiently and with full co-operation. The advice and suggestions made were also advantageous in our own decision making process.”

Niall Guinevan, Project Manager