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NMG Construction LTD.

NMG Construction Ltd sought to develop a hybrid EPDM/ Aluminium roof valley flashing product that would mitigate water ingress into a roof structure.  Recycled lead is shown to perish over short lifespans as a result of inferior quality in its production. NGM set out to develop a product that will seek to mitigate negative aspects of lead use in roofing.

Company Overview

NMG Construction Ltd has over 25 years of experience as main contractors engaged in a variety of both domestic and commercial building projects with particular expertise in the application of EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer (M-class rubber) roofing membranes. 


Innovation Voucher Objectives

  • Develop a product capable of replacing expensive and labour intensive conventional lead flashing (code 4 and 5) applications.

  • Wind uplift, thermo shock analysis, peel adhesion and impact/ shear tests for the hybrid concept.

Degradation of Recycled Lead

Material Testing

Image showing material peel test
Degradation of recycled lead
Diagram showing surface contamination, absorbed film and oxide layer on metal

"The assistance I received from the Innovation voucher stemmed originally from low energy passive construction training which I received at IT Sligo.  This led to a successful Innovation Voucher submission to realise the product performance of my concept.  Six months on and plans for a prototype flashing machine are being developed.  The speed of the progression has been extremely encouraging while I can focus on getting on with running the business.

Noel McGrath, Owner, NMG Construction.