Northwest Aluminium (NWA) LTD.


NWA sought expertise to further develop their dry ridge roofing system for a range of roof types including plain tile and slate mediums. This required a build -up of the fixing mechanism to be represented in a 3D format for ease of understanding to the end user. The existing drainage gasket was also optimised to present its functionality when fixed.

Company Overview

Northwest Aluminium Ltd are existing clients of Enterprise Ireland and have engaged in a number of initiatives including technical feasibility and business improvement schemes with EI in recent years. The company was founded in 1986 and has grown to become the number one manufacturer and supplier of dry roofing products in Ireland.

A past recipient of the Donegal County Enterprise Business of the year award (2008) and runner up in the national awards, they have established a considerable export market for specialist dry fix roofing systems. They are keen to continue R&D interaction with IT Sligo and are seeking to engage in an Innovation Partnership to develop a range of roofing products to satisfy market demands.

Innovation Voucher objectives

  • To perform a product appraisal of the current dry-verge system and to highlight modifications and recommendations for improvement on its functionality and weathering capabilities.

  • Develop 2D & 3D design solutions based on modifications identified.

  • Develop 3D printed prototypes for a straight and apex jointing solution to replace “quick fix” on-site methods for jointing currently employed.

  • Identify ancillary opportunities and accessories that can be introduced into the current roofing fixing product line.

  • Present solutions found in a three dimensional format for ease of customer understanding, handling and fixing protocols  to be adopted.

Assembly analysis
3D prototypes 

"From our perspective the outcome from working with PEM and Enterprise Ireland enabled us to develop prototypes for a new product concept that we wouldn't have been able to produce in house. The prototypes that were developed have now gone into pre-production and will be launched within the next few months after testing. As a result of the innovation voucher, we have now decided to continue this collaboration with PEM and increase our investment in R&D by embarking on an ambitious Innovation strategy that will be implemented on a continuous basis into the future. Innovation is paramount to our companies future success."​

Daniel Gallagher, Managing Director, Northwest Aluminium