D.M.D. Manufacturing sought to develop an ICT solution for the autonomous management of client livestock data through a complimentary software system to function in tandem with a weighing device.


Company Overview

Established in 2011, DMD Ltd. manufactures and designs a wide range of weighing  products for use in the agricultural sector.  Through it’s broad range of products, it has established a strong customer base with their animal weight monitoring device. 

Innovation Voucher Objectives

  • Develop a software system to represent the implementation of an integrated animal welfare sensor monitoring system.

  • To develop a system that would create representative data for a number of monitoring devices and to devise a data scheme to accommodate information collected and correlate with other monitoring devices and data streams.

  • Create a cloud storage database and accompanying web application to present data received in a graphical and user friendly manner.

Product Format and Structure

  • Livestock leave feeding area via a chase and activate the weighing scale device.

  • Weight, herd identification, time date and other welfare monitoring tasks are recorded.

  • Data is transferred to cloud database.

  • Accompanying web application will parse the data and present to end user in graphical form.

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