Dr Vignesh Kumaravel

Best Paper Award from the Catalyst Journal

“Photocatalytic hydrogen production: Role of Sacrificial Reagents on the

Activity of Oxide, Carbon, and Sulfide Catalysts”


Best Paper award 2021.jpg

Congratulations to PEM's Principal Investigator, Dr Vignesh Kumavarel et al on Winning the Catalyst Journal's Best Paper Award 2021.

The article has been downloaded more than 7000 times and it has been received more than 50 citations in top-ranked journals. More than 10,000 articles have been published on the web of science to disclose photocatalytic hydrogen production. In most studies, a high concentration of sacrificial agent has been used to produce hydrogen through water splitting. Nonetheless, there are no comprehensive investigations to identify an appropriate sacrificial reagent with respect to the nature of a photocatalyst. The team devoted almost 12 months to this research for the design and data collection of more than 100 experiments.

Dr Vignesh is very grateful to his co-authors: Muhammad Danyal ImamAhmed BadreldinRAMA KRISHNA CHAVA, Jeong Yeon Do, Misook Kang, and Ahmed Abdel-Wahab for their significant contribution to this work. He is also thankful to the Editors of Catalysts for sharing their findings with the international research community.

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